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dTIME California Zante Currants [200g, 500g]

dTIME California Zante Currants [200g, 500g]

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Zante Currants

The Zante currant is one of the oldest known raisins. The first written record of the grape was made in 75 AD by Pliny the Elder, who described a tiny, juicy, thick-skinned grape with small bunches. Black Corinth is also called “Champagne Grape” by epicureans (lovers of good food). Although not a true currant, when dried they are referred to as Zante Currants. Zante are used extensively in baking.


What’s are the benefits of Zante Currant?

  • Zante currants is rich with variants of Vitamin B; this currant is one of the best way to keep us energized all day long. As we know that Vitamin B has the important role to convert our food into fuel, this currant will also help you with that conversion with the amount of Vitamin B contained in it
  • Whenever you have a bad day at school or at work, just put it away from your mind and return to your happy self by consuming this currant. Since Zante currant contains magnesium that will help your body to relax and also slowly relieves some muscle pain as well, you’ll returned to your cheerful self in no time!
  • Zante currant contains phosphorus, which is great to help our body to rinse out the bad elements out through excretion and secretion
  • If you’re the type that loses body fluid easily, then consuming Zante currant is one of the great remedy for that. With the sodium inside, it will help your body to maintain the amount of body fluid better than before
  • Beside the amazing fact of potassium to improves nervous system and manganese to maintain health respiratory system, both of it also help our body to fight over the risk of osteoporosis as well.
  • Zante currants contains vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin D as well as iron, of calcium and potassium.


Ways & When you can snack d'TIME Zante Currants

Because of their tender skin and small size, currants are often used for cooking and baking. For a sweet treat, we recommend stirring currants into scone dough instead of regular raisins. If you want to have the benefits but not diligent enough to do any recipe, you can always add in your cereal, muesli or just grab a pack and eat right away from the packages. Zante currants is a great snack to share with your family and friends at any occasions and ceremony.


Keep Zante Currants safe and fresh

You must be wonder how long can you keep your Zante currants? How and where to keep to make sure the freshness of the currants is intact? Of course Zante currants have their own shelf life even it a dried fruit. Zante Currants can last about 6 to 12 months both in room temperature or keep in the fridge. Just make sure that you transfer the currant into seal bag or air tight containers.

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