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d'TIME Australian Rolled Oats Individual Pack [36g per Stick]

d'TIME Australian Rolled Oats Individual Pack [36g per Stick]

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Rolled oats

Rolled oats are a type of lightly processed whole-grain food. Traditionally, they are made from oat groats that have been dehusked and steamed, before being rolled into flat flakes under heavy rollers and then stabilized by being lightly toasted.


Whats are the benefits of Rolled Oats?

- Studies have repeatedly confirmed that oats can lower cholesterol levels, which may reduce your risk of heart disease. Oats’ ability to lower cholesterol is mainly attributed to their beta glucan content that may slow your absorption of fats and cholesterol by increasing the viscosity of the food you’ve eaten.

- Studies also revealed that oatmeal may boost fullness and reduce appetite more than ready-to-eat breakfast cereals and other types of dietary fiber.

- The antioxidants in oats can help combat cancer. And the fiber in oats can prevent rectal and colon cancers (as already discussed). Though there is limited research on the type of oatmeal that helps fight cancer, it is better to stick to the variety that you feel comfortable with.

- The carbs in oats also release serotonin, the ‘feel good’ hormone that reduces stress and makes you feel calm

- Rolled oats contains Manganese, Phosphorus, Copper, Vitamin B1, Iron, Selenium, Magnesium, Zinc.


Ways & When you can snack d'TIME Rolled Oats

A popular breakfast favorite, oat flakes can be enjoyed cooked or raw. This means that you can either boil them, as when preparing oatmeal or porridge, or enjoy them cold, such as by adding raw oats to shakes and cookies.


Keep Rolled oats safe and fresh.

Rolled oats have a shelf life of 18-24 months when stored in the original packaging. That packaging is fine for short term or 3-month supply of everyday food. Once opened rolled oats will stay fresh for about 6-9 months.

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