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d'TIME INDIA RAW Cashew Nut, Kacang Gajus India MENTAH [500g, 1kg]

d'TIME INDIA RAW Cashew Nut, Kacang Gajus India MENTAH [500g, 1kg]

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The cashew was first discovered by Europeans in Brazil around 1558. Because of the irritating shells, they were thought to be inedible at first. Over time it was realized that it was the fruit skin and not the seeds that were irritating. Cahsews are introduced to Africa and India by colonists where now both countries are the largest producer for the nuts. Cashews sold both raw or roasted, and salted or unsalted.

What are the benefits of Cashews?

- Cashews are high in copper. One ounce of cashews contains 622 micrograms of copper. It is recommended to take 900 micrograms of copper each day for adults aged 19 years and over. Severe copper deficiency is associated with lower bone mineral density and an increased risk of osteoporosis. Copper also plays an important role in the maintenance of collagen and elastin, major structural components of our bodies. Without sufficient copper, the body cannot replace damaged connective tissue or the collagen that makes up the scaffolding for bone. Other than that, insufficient copper also lead to connective tissue, muscle weakness, anemia and others.

- One of the major benefits of eating cashew nuts is that it reduces the risk of cancer. Proanthocyanidins is a type of flavonol which stops the tumor cells from growing.

- As cashew is filled with the goodness of copper and antioxidants, it helps in making your skin look radiant and glowing. Antioxidants are known to reduce the signs of aging, and copper along with other enzymes produces collagen that is responsible for increasing the elasticity of the skin.

- Contains an array of minerals and vitamins, consumption of this healthy nut will ensure that you have a strong metabolism. Also due to plenty of antioxidants and different types of enzymes, it is responsible for boosting your immunity as well.

- Cashews are also an excellent source of Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorus, Zinc, Vitamin B6 & Vitamin K.

Ways & When you can snack d'TIME Cashews

Cashews are very easy to add to your diet. They can be eaten raw or roasted, and make for an easy portable snack. Whole or ground cashews can also be incorporated into a variety of dishes, ranging from scrambled tofu and stir fries, to soup, salads, and stews. Cashew butter is another way to add cashews to your diet. Grab one pack of cashew while watching your favorite shows, camping, quick snack while driving and others.

Keep cashew safe and fresh

Cashew can absorb the odor of other foods, hence to keep the cashew taste and fresh you advised to keep the cashew in airtight container. They can last up to six month if you keep them in refrigerator and one year in freezer. Cashew cannot last long if you keep in the room temperature even in airtight container.

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