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d'TIME Jujube Honey 30g, Natural Honey, Madu Jujube Tulen 30g, Madu Lebah Tulen, 100%纯正花蜂蜜 30g, 纯天然枣花蜂蜜, 蜜糖

d'TIME Jujube Honey 30g, Natural Honey, Madu Jujube Tulen 30g, Madu Lebah Tulen, 100%纯正花蜂蜜 30g, 纯天然枣花蜂蜜, 蜜糖

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Jujube Honey

Jujube Honey is a reddish dark coloured Honey that has a fruity flavour and unique taste of jujube. Jujube Honey is produced by bees which feed on the nectar of Jujube. The jujube fruit is known to contain Vitamin C, Calcium, Tannins, Iron, Vitamin B-6, Thiamin niacin, Pantothenic acid, and Riboflavin and each of these deliver a set of benefits that help the body to stay healthy. It is s also recognized for its high levels of antioxidants, its ability to strengthen your immune system and its role in reducing or eliminating allergies. Hence, Jujube Honey is an ideal honey for women, children and the elderly.

d’TIME Jujube Honey is 100% Natural and pure. Does not contain any additives, preservatives, artificial colours, artificial and flavours. It contains only Natural Jujube Honey. Jujube honey is rich in essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals and hence it is good for overall health. Jujube honey also well known for its high nutritional characteristics having multiple particularities and has many health benefits: • It helps to protect Liver • It helps to detoxify blood and replenish/nourishing blood • It improves Immune system, • It helps to improve digestion, • It helps in enhancing bone strength, • It acts as stress reliever and it also helps to reduce Cholesterol • It may also help to strengthen the heart, to strengthen the nerves system, • It helps to remove hyper acidity. • It is very useful for insomnia, migraines, and anaemia. • It has the effects of nourishing the spleen and stomach, • It helps to nourish the lungs

How to consume? d’TIME Jujube Honey can be consumed as a spread on your favourite bread and waffles, or it can be dissolved in hot coffee, milk, smoothies or tea as a healthy natural sweetener. Take one tablespoon of honey dissolved in half glass of lukewarm water which will help your body absorb all its beneficial properties. It can also be consumed orally. To keep yourself healthy consume it as desired.

Note: One-year-old baby, diabetic patients, cirrhosis patients should not take honey. After open, please do not refrigerated natural honey. Consume fast once opened.


  • Dietary Needs
  • Halal,Caffeine Free,Gluten Free,Trans fat Free
  • Saturated,FatFree,Cholesterol Free,Healthier Choice,Dairy Free
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