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d'TIME Premium Turkey Natural Dried Figs [500g, 1kg]

d'TIME Premium Turkey Natural Dried Figs [500g, 1kg]

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Figs are the fruit of the ficus tree, they have a unique sweet taste, soft and chewy texture and are littered with slightly crunchy, edible seeds. Fresh figs are delicate and perishable, so are often dried to preserve them. This produces a sweet and nutritious dried fruit that can be enjoyed all year round. There are multiple varieties of fig, all of which vary in color and texture. Their unique feature is a little bud-like opening called an ostiole at the top which helps the fruit develop. Their natural sweetness means that, before the days of refined sugars,they were often used as a sweetener.


Dried figs are the dried forms of the fig fruit, which grows on the fig tree, scientifically known as. Dried figs, on the other hand, can be savored throughout the year. They are also readily available in many parts of the world and have a much longer shelf life than fresh figs. This is a Middle Eastern fruit but is now widely exported to the rest of the world. Dried figs are made by either drying in the sun, or through a dehydration process to remove excess water, leaving behind a -rich, nutrient-dense snack.


Whats are the benefits of Dried Figs?

The most important health benefits of dried figs include its ability to strengthen bones, lower blood pressure, optimize digestion, aid in weight loss , and regulate diabetic symptoms, among others.

- Per fruit, figs offer a much better source of soluble fiber. Figs are also linked to good digestive health, help to relieve constipation, and contribute to good heart health.

- Figs are higher in fiber and lower in sugar, they’re better if you have sensitive blood sugar levels.

- Figs also offer more minerals, especially iron, magnesium and calcium.

- Figs have 15 percent less calories than dates, which means you can eat double the amount that you can of dates and still satisfy your sweet tooth, or eat half the amount you would of dates to take in less sugar.

- Figs can help for removing harmful estrogens


Ways & When you can snack d'TIME DRIED FIGS

There is plenty if ways for you to conserve dried figs. You can either throw it into you morning breakfast cereal, yogurt or even sandwiches. Dried figs can be eaten just like that at anytime everywhere as you watch television, camping, or when you hangout with friends. Thus, this made dried figs one of the healthy and perfect snacks for you.


Keep Dried Figs safe and fresh.

Store dried figs in dry, clean home canning jars, in plastic freezer bags, or in tight-lidded plastic freezer containers. You may also want to consider vacuum packing. Vacuum sealing removes air, this keeps moisture away from the dried apricots. If you keep dried figs in the pantry or refrigerator it can last around 6 to 12 months. The important thing to remember is to store dried figs in a cold dry place. To maximize dried figs shelf life after opening, place them in a seal bag or in an airtight, tightly-sealed container.

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