d'TIME Roasted & Salted USA Almond, Badam USA Pangang Garam 美国杏仁(盐烤) [500g, 1kg]

d'TIME Roasted & Salted USA Almond, Badam USA Pangang Garam 美国杏仁(盐烤) [500g, 1kg]

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All Almonds are freshly roasted upon order.

We always thought that almond is a nut but most of us are wrong. Almonds that we know today is actually the seeds of a fruit named “Drupe” which most closely to peaches. It takes 5 to 6 years for almonds to reach full maturity.


What's are the benefits of Almonds?

- Almonds are high in fats which is not the type that increases the risk of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) or 'BAD' cholesterol.

- The fats (unsaturated fats) may improve a person's blood cholesterol status.

- Almonds also help to increase the plasma and red blood cells and lower overall cholesterol levels.

- According to these researchers, vitamin E is an antioxidant that can help to stop the oxidization process that causes cholesterol to clog the arteries.

- Almonds contain calcium, magnesium, manganese, copper, vitamin K, protein, and zinc, all of which contribute to bone health.


Ways & When you can snack d'TIME Almonds

Almonds has a subtle, buttery and versatility which made them easily mix with other foods like when you make a cake, or having breakfast with your granola or cereals . Almonds can be eaten just like that at anytime everywhere as you watch television, camping, or when you hang out with friends. Thus, this made almonds on of the perfect snacks in the world.


Keep almonds safe and fresh.

Do you know that almonds can easily get rancid from light and heat exposure? Keep them in a dark cool and dry conditions (below than 40 Degrees) with humidity less than 65% this will help you to have longer shelf life for almonds. If you wish to keep the almond for longer time, you can keep them in fridge. Make sure that you put them in plastic airtight food contains, plastic freezer bags or vacuum bags. For easy snacking, try storing in the refrigerator where they will have longer shelf life but not too cold so that you won’t take long to have you desire almond nuts.

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