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d'TIME Super Antioxidant Trail Mix [100g, 200g, 450g]

d'TIME Super Antioxidant Trail Mix [100g, 200g, 450g]

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Trail mix has it all - nutty crunch, crisp bite, sweet chewiness & lots of bright flavors. Word on the street is everyone loves our nuts! Maybe it's the fact that we purchase the finest quality nuts and roast them daily. Maybe it's the delicious dose of heart healthy nutrients in every bite.


Freshness guaranteed with premium quality, natural ingredients with High Fiber and source of ProteinNatural, no preservatives, Unsalted, no oil added during baking process, No MSG, no flavorings and no added sugar.


Featuring: Almonds, Cranberries. Pecan, Apricot, Walnuts & Black Currant.

Vegan, Halal and MeSTI certified

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