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d'TIME Turkey Organic Sundried Apricot [200g, 500g]

d'TIME Turkey Organic Sundried Apricot [200g, 500g]

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Dried apricots are higher in most nutrients than fresh apricots. A serving of 5-6 dried apricots has more than four times the fiber than a whole fresh apricot. Fiber helps lower your risk of heart disease and some types of cancer. Dried apricots also have more potassium, iron, and calcium.

What are the benefits of Dried Apricots?

- Increased concentration of Nutrients. The vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber present in apricots became significant concentrated when after dried.

- Dried apricots are a good source of Vitamin E and A. Vitamins A and E, and Beta-Carotene may play an important role in preventing or mitigating age-related eye disorders.

- Dried apricot can reduce skin damage and the effects of aging. Apricots contains vitamins and dietary caroteniods, which play a vital role in overall skin health and appearance.

- Dried apricot can be a treatment for anemia. Often pregnant and menstrual women facing the risk of anemia. The condition is resulted from a deficiency of iron. This fruit offers you about 3.5 milligrams of iron for every cup of dried apricot.

- Dried apricots are an excellent low-calorie addition to one’s weight loss diet as they help keep cravings in check.

- Dried apricots contain about 2g of dietary fiber for every 100g. Dietary fiber has been shown to delay the movement of food as it goes through your digestive tract. Therefore, it feeds the good gut bacteria in your intestines, which may lead to a much healthier gut.

- A 100-gram serving of apricot has 48 calories, 1.40 grams protein, 0.39 grams fat, 11.12 grams carbs, 2 grams fiber, and 9.20 grams of sugar.

- Apricots contain many antioxidants, which include beta carotene and other vitamins with antioxidant properties.

Ways & When you can snack d'TIME DRIED APRICOTS

There is plenty if ways for you to conserve dried apricots. You can either throw it into you morning breakfast cereal, yogurt or even sandwiches. Dried apricots can be eaten just like that at anytime everywhere as you watch television, camping, or when you hangout with friends. Thus, this made dried apricots one of the perfect snacks for you.

Keep Dried apricots safe and fresh.

Store dried apricots in dry, clean home canning jars, in plastic freezer bags, or in tight-lidded plastic freezer containers. You may also want to consider vacuum packing. Vacuum sealing removes air, this keeps moisture away from the dried apricots. If you keep dried apricots in the pantry or refrigerator it can last around 6 to 12 months. The important thing to remember is to store dried apricots in a dry, cool area. To maximize dried apricots’ shelf life after opening, place them in a seal bag or in an airtight, tightly-sealed container.

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