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d'TIME USA ROASTED Almond, Badam USA (BAKAR), 烤美国杏仁, dTIME Roasted Almond Ready to Eat (110g,140g,200g)

d'TIME USA ROASTED Almond, Badam USA (BAKAR), 烤美国杏仁, dTIME Roasted Almond Ready to Eat (110g,140g,200g)

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Roasted Almonds

Roasted almonds both pack high nutritional value and should be a staple part of any person’s diet to help prevent against disease and stay healthy. The quality is especially important and the consumer should always be particular about choosing the best, freshest smelling almonds available.

What’s are the benefits of Roasted Almonds?

- Almonds are high in fats which is not the type that increases the risk of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) or 'BAD' cholesterol.

- The fats (unsaturated fats) may improve a person's blood cholesterol status.

- For better taste, roasted almonds also goods when exercising as its promoting muscle growth and repair as well as adaptation to exercise

- Bolstering the immune system to support health and combat the immunosuppressive effects of exercise.

-A study found that having a little more than one serving of almond every day reduces hunger and promotes weight loss.


How and When you can snack d'TIME Roasted Almonds

d'TIME Roasted Almonds is a perfect snack for you and your family's as it is suitable to be a side dish in any occasions and also can be tossed in any main meals that you are having at the times. Roasted almonds will make a good pair to with like in salad, soup and others. Its been proven that roasted almond can be eaten at anytime anywhere as you watch television, camping, or when you hang out with friends. Thus, made roasted almonds on of the perfect snacks in the world.


Keep Roasted Almonds safe and fresh.

Make sure that you put them in plastic airtight food containers, after opened the package to avoid the nuts spoiled faster. For easy snacking, try storing in the refrigerator where they will have longer shelf life but not too cold so that you won’t take long to have you desire almond nuts.


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